Patreon TIER Information

As you know, we asked you how you would like the update intervals to be. We wanted everything to be in order now and saw that you wanted it too. We have set a goal and we are about to reach it. Thank you very much for your support and interest. Today we ordered the system hardware we need. We’ll have it in a few days. We will spend the next week finishing animations and preparing patron contents. Then we will start working on the new update. From now on, we will release a content update every two months as we have decided together. We have no doubt that we can achieve this. Of course, we may encounter unexpected things, but this is our goal and we will strive for it. We will proceed by giving due importance to our patron contents.  As for our patron content. 

10 $ + Tier

  • Preview scene upcoming episodes.

25$ + Tier 

  • 1 Custom scene
  • 2 Custom Nsfw scenes
  • More Preview in-game scenes
  • 1 Normal wallpaper

50$ + Tier 

  • Everything on 25$
  • 1 Animated 4K Wallpaper
  • 1 4K Custom NSFW scene.(The scene of the characters that they will decide with a majority of votes.)

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